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3000 Tons/Day Dry Process Cement Plant

Description of New Type Dry Process Cement Production Line:
This new type dry process cement production line is a kind of process mainly used for small, medium and large-scale cement plants. Its preheater employs outside kiln precalciner. Capable of utilizing the waste heat from kiln inlet to decompose raw meal, this line is good at saving electricity and heat. Its closed production line makes it possible to reduce its ambient dust pollution to less than 50mg/Nm3. Besides, its capacity to make use waste heat makes it quite cost efficient for users.


Production Flow of New Type Dry Process Cement Production Line:
1. Crushing and Pre-homogenizing:
Most of the raw materials, like limestone, clay, iron ores, and coal, should be crushed before their pre-homogenization. Limestone is the primary material in this line, and due to its large particle size and high hardness, its good crushing plays an important role in the whole line. Special stacking and reclaiming technology has been used in the pre-homogenizing process so that raw materials can be better primarily homogenized.

2. Raw Meal Preparing:
Since the raw meal grinding work takes up more than 30% labor force in the whole dry process cement production line, it is quite important to choose appropriate grinding equipment and technological process so that high-quality products can be obtained.

3. Raw Meal Homogenizing:
The raw meal homogenization is a key factor for stable clinker calcination.

4. Preheating and Decomposing:
The preheater is used to preheat as well as decompose raw meal. So the length of the rotary kiln is effectively shortened. And the raw meal can fully exchange heat with the hot gases from the kiln. Because of its rapid and high-efficiency heat transfer, the production efficiency and heat consumption of this production line are greatly improved.

5. Clinker Calcining:
After its preheating and pre-decomposing, the raw meal will be calcined in the rotary kiln, where the generated carbonate will be further decomposed. Meanwhile, a series of solid phase reactions will take place.

6. Cement Grinding:
As the last process, the cement grinding will consume a great deal of electricity. And in this process, special size granule cement will be obtained.

7. Cement Packaging:
The cement can be transported in bulk or in bags.


Chapter1 Process equipment

                        附件1  工艺设备

Name of Project:The 3300 clinker cement production line
工程名称:3300 TPD 熟料水泥生产线
Code and Name of Section01.00―Limestone crushing and transportation石灰石破碎和输送
Item No.
Spec ification
Unit单位 Qty.
01.01 Apron Feeder 板式喂料机 Set套 1  
  Spec 规格:1800X11000mm      
  Feeding size:<1000mm      
  Normal Capacity:800t/h      
  Inclination 斜度:20°      
01.01M Main Motor  主电机 Set套 1  
  Rotary Speed 转速:980r/min      
01.01P Reducer减速机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Speed 转速 Ratio速比:i=450      
01.02 Single Stage Hammer Crusher单段锤式破碎机 Set套 1  
  Max. feed Size最大进料粒度:1000mm      
  Discharge Size出料粒度:<80mm (90%)      
01.02M Main Motor 主电机 Set套 1  
01.03 Belt Conveyer 皮带输送机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:B1800x18500mm      
  Transportation Capacity输送能力:900t/h      
  Belt Speed 带速:1.0m/s      
01.03M Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Motor Power电机功率:30kW      
01.03P Reducer减速机      
  Type 型号:      
  Gear Ratio速比:i=50      
01.04 Double-beam Double-Speed  Electric Hoist/ Bridge Type 双梁双速电动吊车/桥架型 Set套 1  
  Max. Wheel Pressure 最大轮压:210KN      
  Lifting Height提升高度:13m      
  Lifting Weight提升重量:250KN      
  Applicable stwo-way chutel rail控制电缆双向槽轨道:43kg/m      
  Running Speed 转速 for Big car大车的运行速度:20/5m/min      
  Running Speed 转速 for Small car小车的运行速度:20/5m/min      
01.04M1 Motor 电动机 for Big Car大车电动机: Set套 2  
  Power功率: 2x1.16/0.26kW      
01.04M2 Motor Power for Small car小车电动机: Set套 2  
  Power功率 : 2x0.73/0.16kW      
01.04-1 Electric Hoist 电动行车 Set套  1  
  Lifting Speed 提升速度:2/0.33m/min      
  Motor Power(3ph) 电机功率(3相):12/2kW      
01.05 Pulse Bag Filter脉冲袋收尘器 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Gross Filter Area 总过滤面积:470m2      
  Inlet Dust Concentration 进口含尘浓度:200-1000g/m3      
  Outlet Dust Concentration出口含尘浓度:<50mg/Nm3      
  Compressed Air Pressure 压缩空气压力:0.5-0.7MPa      
  Air Consumption耗气量:1.5m3/min      
01.05-1 Rotary Feeder 回转喂料机 Set套 1  
  Dimension of discharge卸料尺寸:400x400mm      
  Reducer Motor Power减速电机功率:1.5kW      
01.05-2 Screw Conveyor 螺旋输送机 Set套 1  
  Reducer Motor Power减速电机功率:5.5kW      
01.06 Centrifugal ventilator离心风机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Capacity风量: 23000-32000m3/h      
  Air Pressure 风压: 2559-2668Pa      
01.06M Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
  Motor Power电机功率:45kW      
01.07 Mobile Air Compressor of combination air cooling混合气体的移动空压机 Set套 1  
  Air Discharge Capacity 出风能力:3.05m3/min      
  Air Discharge Pressure 出风压力:0.7MPa      
01.07M Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
01.08 Air tank 储气罐C-1A Set套 1  
  Pressure 压力:0.8MPa      
01.09 Manual Flap Valve手动翻板阀 D441-0.1 Set套 1  
  Nominal Diameter公称直径:DN450 mm      
01.10 Manual Flap Valve 手动翻板阀D441-0.1 Set套 1  
  Nominal Diameter公称直径:DN550mm      
01.11 Electrical two-way chute电动双向槽 pcs 1  
  Spec 规格: 800×800      
  Electric hydraulic pusher电液动推杆      
  Power功率功率: 1.5KW×2      
01.12 Pipes,ducts,fittings and connecting chutes管道,管路,配件和连接槽 t 25.5  
01.13 Feeding bin 进料仓 Pcs只 1  
  Capacity能力: 150t      
Name of Project0724-The 3300 TPD clinker cement production line
Code and Name of Section02.00―Limestone circular preblending stock yard and transportation
Item No.
Spec ification
02.01 Belt Conveyer皮带输送机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:        
  Spec 规格:B1200X140000mm      
  Conveying Material输送物料:limestone石灰石      
  Conveying Capacity输送能力:900t/h      
  Volume Weight容重:1.45t/m3      
  Belt Speed 带速:1.25m/s      
  Lifting Height提升高度:35m      
  Inclination 斜度:14°      
02.01M Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
02.01P Reducer减速机 Set套 1  
02.01-1 Electrical belt scale电子皮带秤 Set套 1  
  Capacity能力: 100~1000t/h      
02.02 Stacker and Reclaimer 堆料机和取料机 Set套 1  
  Diameter of Reclaimer Rail取料机轨道直径:φ80m      
  Total Power总功率:185kW      
02.02-1 Stacker 堆料机 Set套 1  
  Stacking Type 堆料型式:Continuous Type 连续式      
  Number of layer层数:>500pcs      
  Stacking diameter堆料直径:23m      
  Rotating Speed额定转速:0.11744r/min      
02.02-1-1 Stacking Belt Conveyor堆料皮带输送机 Set套 1  
  Belt Width带宽:1000mm      
  Belt Speed 带速:2.5m/s      
02.02-1-1M1 Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Rotate Speed 额定转速:1480r/min      
02.02-1-1M2 Hydraulic Pushing Motor of Breaker液压推杆制动器 Set套 1  
02.02-1-1M3 Motor for Lubricating Pump润滑泵电机 Set套 1  
02.02-1-2 Stacker Rotary Driving Device堆料回转驱动装置 Set套 1  
02.02-1-2M1 Central shaft rotary Motor (frequency control)中心轴回转电机(变频控制) Set套 1  
  Speed 转速:1550r/min      
02.02-1-2M2 Hydraulic Pushing Motor of Breaker液压推杆制动器 Set套 1  
02.02-1-2M3 Stacker Hydraulic Station 堆料用液压站 Set套 1  
02.02-2 Scraper Reclaimer 刮板取料机 Set套 1  
  Reclaimer Type 型号取料型式:section reclaiming分段取料      
  Reclaimer End Beam Speed:取料端梁速度      
  End Beam Crane Speed 端梁起吊速度:3.55m/min      
02.02-2-1 Scraper刮板机 Set套 1  
  Chain Speed 链速:0.47m/s      
02.02-2-1M1 Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
  Voltage电压:380V Frequency:50Hz      
  Speed 转速:1480r/min      
02.02-2-1M2 Reclaimer Motor 取料机电机  Set套 2  
  (frequency variable Speed regulation变频调速)      
  Voltage电压:380V Frequency:50Hz      
  Speed 转速:1480r/min      
02.02-2-1M3 Motor 电动机 Set套 2  
  Voltage电压:380V  Frequency:50Hz      
  Speed 转速:710r/min      
02.02-2-1M4 Electromagnetic coupler 电磁耦合器 Set套 2  
  Power功率:62W  DC24V      
02.02-2-1M5 Hydraulic Pushing Motor of break液压推杆制动器 Set套 2  
  Voltage电压:380V  Frequency:50Hz      
02.02-2-2 Hydraulic Station for Material Harrow物料耙子液压站 Set套 1  
02.02-2-3 grease lubricating pump Station润滑脂泵站 Set套 4  
02.02-2-3M Motor 电动机 0.37kW 380V50Hz Set套 4  
  Speed 转速:1470rpm      
02.03 Belt Conveyor皮带输送机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:        
  Spec 规格:B1000X90000mm      
  Input material进入物料:limestone石灰石      
  Volume weight容重:1.45t/m3      
  Speed 转速:1.25m/s      
  Lifting Height提升高度:5m      
  Inclination 斜度:8°      
02.03M Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Speed 转速:r/min      
02.03P Reducer 减速机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Speed of Ratio速比:i=31.5      
02.03-1 Electrical belt scale电子皮带秤 Set套 1  
  Capacity能力: 50~500t/h      
02.04 Rod valve棒阀 Set套 1  
  Spec 规格:600x1800mm      
02.05 Centrifugal Fan 离心风机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Air volume 风量:10200m3/h      
  Pressure 压力:1019Pa      
  Speed of Rotation额定转速:1450r/min      
02.05M Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
02.06 Belt conveyer皮带输送机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:        
  Spec 规格:B1000X160000mm      
  Input material进入物料:limestone石灰石      
  Volume weight容重:1.45t/m3      
  Belt Speed 带速:1.25m/s      
  Lifting Height提升高度:25m      
  Inclination 斜度:12°      
02.06M Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Speed 转速:960r/min      
02.06P Reducer减速机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Speed Ratio速比:i=40      
02.07 Pulse Bag Filter 气箱脉冲袋收尘器 Set套 1  
  Air volume 风量:<9000m3/h      
  Dust Concentration含尘浓度:Inlet进口<200g/m3      
  Outlet 出口≤50mg/Nm3      
  Pressure Loss压力损失:1470-1770Pa      
  Compressed Air used for dust cleaning:压缩空气清灰      
  Compressed Air Consumption 压缩空气消耗量:0.46m3/min      
  Compressed Air Pressure 压力 压缩空气压力:0.5-0.7MPa      
02.07-1 Star Type Discharger星型卸灰阀 Set套 1  
  Spec 规格:       
02.07-1PM Reducer Motor 电动机减速 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
02.08 Centrifugal Fan 离心风机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
  Air volume 风量:9639m3/h      
  Total Pressure 总风压:3802Pa      
  Speed of Rotation额定转速:1450r/min      
02.08M Motor 电动机 Set套 1  
  Type 型号:      
02.09 Manual Flap Valve手动翻板阀 Set套 2  
  Type 型号:      
  Spec 规格规格:DN500      
02.10 Air tank储气罐 Set套 1  
  Spec 规格: C-2      
  Maximum Working Pressure 压力最大工作压力:0.8MPa      
02.11 Pipes,ducts,fittings and connecting chutes 管路,通道安装和连接槽 t 3.2  

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