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What Is EPC Project?

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EPC refers to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, which is an international general term of the general contracting projects. The EPC project service means that the project contracting enterprise shall be responsible for all stages of project construction, such as engineering design, equipment procurement, construction, commissioning, etc., according to the fixed or adjustable total price specified in the contract, and undertake the due obligations of quality, progress, cost and safety aspects of the project, finally submit a project meeting the use function and conditions to the owner.

In the cement industry, with the continuous technology upgrading and the intensification of market competition, more and more customers have turned their attention to EPC turnkey projects. One of the reasons is that the EPC project is more suitable for large projects with the engineering process as the main core. In addition, what are the other advantages of the EPC turnkey project compared with the traditional management model?