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Metallurgy project achievements
Project nameProject general situation
Guangxi Beihai Chengde Nickel Industry Co.,LTD.φ5.2×118m rotary kiln 2 Unit
Qinghai Qinghua Mining&metallurgy project group Co.,LTD.φ5×35m rotary kiln 1 Unit
Jiangsu Moun Top Group Liyang Metallurgy engineering technolφ4.88×68m rotary kiln 1Unit
Linyi Huixiang Trade Co.,LTD.φ4.85×75m rotary kiln 1unit
South Africa MITTAL Companyφ4.8×80m rotary kiln 2unit
Sinkiang Toksun New Homeland XHD Material technology Developφ4.8×70m rotary kiln 1 Unit
Hunan Hongjiang City Zhenyuan Vanadium Electricity Co.,LTD.φ4.5×90m Rotary kiln 2 Unit
Jiangsu Kangyang International Co.,LTD.φ4.4×100m Rotary kiln 2 Unit
Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co.,LTD.φ4.4×100m Rotary kiln 4 Unit
Hunan Changsha Kuangye Research Instituteφ4.0×60m Rotary kiln 1 Unit
Gansu Jiayuguan Dayou Companyφ4.0×60m Rotary kiln 1 Unit
Skikiang Bole City zhengda Calcium Industry Co.,Ltd.φ4.0×60m Rotary kiln 1 Unit
Mutual Minfa Ash Chemical Industry Development Co.,Ltd.φ4.0×60m Rotary kiln 1 Unit
Hunan Xintong Building Material Co.,LTD.φ3.5×56m Rotary kiln 1 unit
Sinkiang Ruihesheng Mining Industry Co.,Ltd.φ3.2×50m Rotary kiln 1 unit
Sinkiang Zhonghuida Lime Co.,Ltd.φ3.5×60m Rotary kiln 1 unit
Suzhou Zhongshi Calcium Compound Engineering Co.,LTD.φ3.5×55m Rotary kiln 1 unit
Qinghai Huzhu Minfa Building Material Co.,LTD.φ4×60m rotary kiln 1 Unit
Sinkiang Toksun New Homeland&Material Co.,Ltd.φ4.8×70m rotary kiln 1 Unit
Vietnam THEP VIET Steel Co., LTD.φ4.8×70m rotary kiln 1unit
Jiangsu Lianfeng steel Co.,LTD.φ4.88×68m rotarykiln 1Unit
Baicheng jiayu calcium industry Co.,LTD.φ3.5×52m Rotary kiln 1 unit
Baicheng jiayu calcium industry Co.,LTD.φ4.5×65m Rotary kiln 2 Unit