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Rolling Machine|roller press

Rolling Machine

Description of Rolling Machine:

Our rolling machine(model PFG rolling press) is a kind of new-type cement grinding equipment developed on the basis of advanced technology, and its grinding system has integrated the rolling, scattering, separating, drying and powder separating into one body. Besides, when used together with a ball mill, it can be used in various process flows, like pre-grinding, mixing, semi-finished grinding, finished grinding, and more.

Due to the change in its grinding principles, this rolling machine and its grinding system have more advantages, like 50-100% lower power consumption, and 100-300% higher productivity.

Proccess of roller press and complementary equipment

1)cement grinding process system 1

2)cement grinding process system 2

3)raw meal final grinding process system

Features of Rolling Machine:
1. Heat overlaying weld has been employed to make the maintenance of wear-resisting layer more convenient. Meanwhile, the amount of microcracks is largely reduced, and the service life of roller surfaces is no less than 8000h. It is quite easy to maintain the roller surfaces.
2. Aeronautic hydraulic technique is used to make the hydraulic system more reliable and stable.
3. With the cooperation of its hydraulic system and automatic control system, it can do the work of load control of main driving motor, deviation control of space between rollers, automatic deviation adjustment, and fault diagnosis.
4. Its matched powder separator has scattering, grading and drying capacity, which makes low operation costs and high working efficiency possible.

Series Specification Roller Dia. Roller Width Particle Size at Inlct Feed Temp. Power
(mm) (mm) (mm) (℃) (Kw)
1 120 Series PFG120-45 1200 450 <60 <130 2×220
2 PFG120-50 1200 500 <60 <130 2×250
3 *PFG120-80 1200 800 <25 <100 2×250
4 140 Series
PFG140-65 1400 650 <60 <130 2×500
5 PFG140-70 1400 700 <60 <130 2×500
6 PFG140-80 1400 800 <60 <130 2×500
7 150 Series
PFG150-100 1500 1000 <70 <130 2×710
8 PFG150-110 1500 1100 <80 <130 2×710
9 160 Series PFG160-120 1600 1200 <80 <130 2×900
10 PFG160-140 1600 1400 <80 <130 2×1120
11 180 Series PFG180-160 1800 1600 <80 <130 2×1600
12 200 Series PFG200-180 2000 1800 <80 <130 2×2000

Note:Items with * mark are for dedicated use of slag gringing.

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