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ADD : Pengfei Industrial Park of Hai'an County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China
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Export Achievements of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd
No.  Country  Customer      Equipment Name & Sepc.
1  UAE Binani Cement Factory LLC 4.2x14.5m Cement Mill
2 UAE Binani Cement Factory L.L.C. Dia.4.2x14.5m Cement Mill
Slag Screw Conveyor D500-6m
3 Oman   China Building Material Equipment (Oman Cement Co., Ltd)                       Dia.4.8x74m Rotary Kiln
4  Azerbaijan GEMIKAYA GROUP 800TPD Complete set of cement production line
5 Egypt United Arab Egypt Alexander  Co., Ltd        Gypsum Production Line
6 Egypt Egypt Cement Plant Dia.3.5x57m Rotary Kiln
Dia.3.2x13m Cement Mill
Dia.2.4x9m Air Swept Coal Mill
7 Egypt  Egypt Cement Plant (Wuhan Jinye Engineering Co., Ltd Dia.3.8x12m Cement Mill
8 Egypt Polysius (Shanghai) Dia.4x7.66m Mill Shell
9 Egypt Alexander Gypsum Co., Ltd Gypsum Production Line
10 Ethiopia Shenyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd (Ethiopia) Rotary Kiln Dia.4.3x62m
Cement Mill Dia.4.2x14.5m
12 Angola Polysius (Shanghai) Dia.4.4x7.4m  Mill Shell 
13 Angola Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd Dia.4.8x74m Rotary Kiln
14 Pakistan Pakistan PLEF Cement Co., Ltd ( Hefei Cement Design & Research Institute) A线 Dia.3.8x13m Cement Mill
Dia.4.3x64m Rotary Kiln
15 Pakistan Pakistan  PLC Cement Co., Ltd ( Hefei Cement Design & Research Institute) B线 Dia.3.8x13m Cement Mill
Dia.4.3x64m Rotary Kiln
16 Pakistan Pakistan PLD Cement Co., Ltd (Hefei Institute) c线 Dia.3.8x13m Cement Mill
Dia.4.3x64m Rotary Kiln
17 Brazil Import & Export Company of NHI Group  (Brazil) Dia.4.2x14.5m Cement Mill
90tph Grinding station
18 Brazil Polysius (Shanghai) Dia.3.6x7.25m  Mill Shell
19 Brazil Chendu Design & Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd (Brazil) Dia.4x60m  Rotary Kiln
Dia.3.2x(6.5+2)m  Petrol Coke Tube Mill
21 Brazil HBSC-HIPERMIx  Vertical Kiln Dia.3.2x11m                            Ball Mill Dia.3x9m
22 Bolivia Bolivia 300,000tpa Grinding Station  Cement Mill Dia.3.2x13m
23  Botswana     MPC Cement Co., Ltd  300ton cement production Line
24 Denmark FL Smidth  Shell Processing
 Kiln shell 5500-86000 
 Shell Dia.9.144x4.724m
 Shell Dia.6.096x10.365m
 Shell Dia.4x8.25m    Kiln Shell
 Mill Shell   Shell Dia.4550x68000      Shell Dia.4050x13m
25 Germany CATIC BEIJING CO.,LTD - Humboldt Wedag GmbH   Parts of Roller Press
26 Germany Germany Hotten Company Dia.2.4x8m  Cement Mill
27 Germany Germany IVA Company Dia.3.4x6m  Mill
28 Germany Germany Alpine Company Dia.3.1x5.2m 
29 Russia Russia Volga Cement Plant (EPC Project of 2500tpd Cement Production Line)  Dia.4.2x60m  Rotary Kiln                             Dia.3.2x13m  Cement Mill
Dia.3.8x7.5m  Raw Meal Mill                        Dia.3.2x25m  Dryer
30 Russia HEIHE DECD SIRIUS INDUSTRY EVOLUTION Co., LTD  500,000tpa cemeng grinding plant
31 Eritrea   Eritrea GEDEM (China New Era International Engineering Corporation) Dia.3.3x50m Rotary Kiln                                     Dia.2.4x(4.5+2)m Air Swept Coal MIll
Dia.3.8x13m  Cement Mill                            Dia.3.8x8.6m  Air Swept Raw Mill
32 Brazzavile   Pointe Noire Cement Plant 700tpd cement production line (main equipments )
33 Columbia  Columbia  Rotary Kiln Dia.2.6x39m                                Cement Mill Dia.2.4x8m 
 Dryer Dia.3.2x25m     WP800 Crusher
34 Columbia Columbia Dia.3x45m  Rotary Kiln
35 Columbia CEMENTOS DEL ORIENTE S.A Main Equipments of 300tpd cement plant (Rotary Kiln, Vertical Mill, Cooler, Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Dust Collector, Steel Bin)
37 Columbia South Africa Columbia Bogota Dia.2.5x36m Rotary Kiln、                          Dia.2.1x21m Cooler
38 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Semipalatinsk International Cemeng Corporation (xinjiang Lonran International Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd)  Cement Mill Dia.3.5x11.5m 
 Rotary Kiln Dia.4x60m
39    ACICO Construction Company  Cement Grinding Plant (including 3.5x13m mill & 8-spouts packer)
40 Kenya Kenay Jiaoji Chemical Corporation (Complete set of NPK Fertilizer Production Line ) Dia.3.2x25m Dryer                                        Dia.3.0x24m   Cooler       B1000 Electric Scale
Dia.2 .4x8m Packer                                          Dia.3.2x10m Granulator                  WP800 Crusher
ZDS1445  Vibrating Screen                 LP800 Vertical Chain Crusher             LJDia.3.2 Mixer
41  Laos  Laos Wanrong Cement Corporation (Yuanjiang Yongfa cement Corporation) Dia.3.2x13m Cement Mill
Dia.3.2x(6.5+2.5)m  Coal Mill
Dia.4x60m Rotary Kiln
42  Laos Laos Middle-Asia Cement Plant (Yunnan Yuxi Dongjin Import & Export Corportation) Dia.3x50m Rotary Kiln
Dia.3.0x12m Cement Mill
Dia.2.8x8m  Coal Mill
Dia.3.4x9m Raw meal mill
43 Rwanda Rwanda CIMERWA Corporation 1500t/d 1500tpd cement production line
44 Romania  Tianjin LV Dia.4x13m  Cement Mill
45 Mongolia Mongolia KHUTUL Cement Plant 2500t/d  Cement Production Line
46 Bangladesh Bangladesh SZAM White Cement Plant Dia.2.2x11m  Cement Mill
47 Bangladesh Banglades East Cement Plant Dia.2.2x7.5m Cement Mill                        PGD-650  Electric Belt Scale
48 Bangladesh Bangladesh Ropala Cement Plant Dia.2.2x7.5m Cement Mill (complete equipments for grinding plant)
49 Bangladesh  Bangladesh Paitema Cement Plant Dia.2.2x7.5m  Cement Mill (complete equipments for grinding plant)
51 Bangladesh Hunan Province xiang Machinery & Technology Import & Export Corporation (Shah Cement) Dia.3.8x13m (2台) Ball Mill (2sets)       PGD-1000 Electric Belt Scale                      O-Spa2000  Separator
TH Bucket Elevator                                  LS Screw Conveyor                               TD75 Belt Conveyor                               PPCS96-2x8 Dust Collector 
52 Bangladesh Hunan Pronvince xiang Machinery & Technology Import & Export Corporation (Daimengjiao) Dia.4x13 Cement Mill
53 Peru Peru YURA S A  Ball MillDia.3.2x13m
54 Peru Peru YURA SA  Dia.3.3x50m  Rotary Kiln                                Dia.3.2x13m  Cement Mill
Dia.3.5x10m  Raw Mill                                    Dia.2.4x(6+1.5)m  Air Swept Coal Mill
55 Peru  Peru Andinuo Cement Corporation Dia.4.0x60m Rotary Kiln
56 Mandalay Cement Industry Corporation (xi'an) Dia.2.8/Dia.2.5x58m Rotary Kiln
Dia.1.7x2.5 m Air Swept Coal Mill
Dia.1.83x7m Raw Mill
Dia.2.2x6.5m Cement Mill
57 Deye Cement Plant  ( Main equipments supply, installation & commissioning of 2 set of cement production lines) Dia.4.5x145m                                           Dia.3.3x118m  Wet process rotary kiln
Dia.2.6x(5. 5+2.5)m                                   Dia.2.4x4.75 m Air Swept Coal Mill
Dia.3.0x13m/Dia.2.6x13m Cement Mill
Dia.2.6x13m/Dia.2.4x12m Wet Process Ball Mill
58 Tiger Cement Plant ( Complete set of cement production line, installation & commissioning) Dia.3x100m  Wet process Rotary Kiln    Dia.2.4x4.4 m Air Swept Coal Mill
Dia.2.2x11m  Wet Process Ball Mill                Dia.2.6x11m Cement Mill
59 Golden Dia.3.5x54m  Rotary Kiln                         
Dia.3.5x13m Cement Mill                        
60 Dragon Cement Co., Ltd (EPC of 2 set of Cement Production Lines) Dia.3.5x52m Rotary Kiln (2sets)                         Dia.3.5x145m Rotary Kiln (3Sets) 
Dia.3.4x11m Ball Mill (2sets)                                 Dia.3.0x11m Cement Mill (3sets)
Dia.2.8x(5. 5+2.5)m  Coal Mill
Dia.3.4x(6.5+2.5)m Air Swept Mill
61 Dragon Cement Co., Ltd  2 set of refractory bricks of burning zone for 400tpd cement rotary kiln production line
62   AAA Cement Plant (2 complete set of cement production line, installation & commissioning) Dia.3.5x145m/Dia.3.1x78m Wet Process Rotary Kiln
Dia.4x59.68m Rotary Kiln
Dia.2.4x4.75 m/Dia.2.4x4.4 m  Air Swept Coal Mill                                                                   Dia.2.6x5.25+2.25 m Air Swept Coal Mill 
Dia.3.0x11m/Dia.2.6x13m  Cement Mill
Dia.2.6x13m/Dia.2.4x13m Wet Process Ball Mill
PSD-90㎡ Eletric Dust Collector                                                                                        Dia.25m Slurry Mixer                                                                      &nb, sp;                      PCD1612 Hammer Crusher                                                                                        BL1250x8m Apron Feeder
DxS21 Cyclonic collector                                                                                              105m2 EP filter
DxS-ZI Single cyclonic collector    
63   500tpd cement production line
64 Ceramics Corportion Dia.3x9m Cement Mill
65 Mandalay Pearl Group Co., Ltd  Dia.3.6x54m Rotary Kiln                             Dia.3.2x13m Cement Mill                       PE600x900 Jaw Crusher 
66 Royally Cement Plant Dia.3.3x125m Wet process rotary kiln                                                       Dia.2.4x4.4 m Air Swept Coal Mill
Dia.25m Slurry Mixer                                      Dia.1450x260 Feeder
67 Treasure Industry Co., Ltd  Dia.2.6x13m  Raw meal mill
69 China xi'an Engineering Co., Ltd (Export to ) Dia.2.8/Dia.2.5x58m Rotary Kiln        Dia.1.7x2.5 m Air Swept Coal Mill       
Dia.1.83x7m/Dia.2.2x6.5m Cement Mill
70 Mandalay Cement Industry Co., Ltd (xi'an) Dia.2.8/Dia.2.5x58m Rotary Kiln          Dia.1.7x2.5 m Air Swept Coal Mill                                                                  Dia.1.83x7m Raw Mill                         Dia.2.2x6.5m Cement Mill
71 Deye 25t/h Cement Grinding System
72 2nd Line of Dragon  2 set refractory bricks for burning zone
73 Morroco   Polysius (Shanghai) Dia.4.9x9.8m Mill Shell
74 Mozambique   CATIC BEIJING CO.,LTD (Mozambique) Bearing Mill Dia.2.4x7m
75 South Africa Nanjing Dongkun Hardware Co., Ltd (South Africa)  Dia.5.4x51m Shell of rotary kiln                                           Dia.4.4x25m  Cooler
Dia.4.2x30m Dryer                                          Dia.4.2x90m Rotary Kiln
Dia.4.9x33m Cooler
76 South Africa MITTAl Corporation (Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy) Dia.4.8x80m Rotary Kiln
Dia.3.6x50m Cooler
77 Nepal Nepal Cement Plant Dia.3.0x9m cement mill
78 Nepal NIGALE CEMENTS (P.) LTD. 100,000tpd cement vertical kiln production line
79 Nigeria China Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd) Dia.5.2x74m Rotary kiln
80 Nigeria (China Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd) Dia.5.2x74m Rotary kiln
81 Japan UBE Industries. LTD. (Zhangjiagang Zhoukou Minghao Scientific Co., Ltd) UM23.3 Parts of UM23.3 vertical mill
82 Japan  Guizhou Wenfu Onoda Corporation Dia.2.7x68m Rotary Kiln                                                       Dia.3.2x13m Cement Mill
Dia.3.8x4m Granulator                                         Dia.2.4x20m Cooler
83 Senegal  Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd Dia.4.2x60m Rotary Kiln
84 Saudi Arabia Engineering Branch of Chengdu Design & Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd 4.8x72m Rotary Kiln
85 Saudi Arabia Nanjing KISEN International Engineering Co., Ltd (Saudi Arabia) Dia.4.8x72m Rotary Kiln
86 Saudi Arabia Import & Export Branch of CNBM Group (Saudi Arabia)  Rotary KilnDia.4.3x64m
87    Hefei Cement Design & Research Institute ( Atbara Cement Plant) Dia.4.8x74m Rotary Kiln                             Dia.4.6x13.5m Cement Mill (3sets)
88    2nd production line of Atbara Cement Corporation (Hefei Cement Design & Research Institute) Dia.4.8x74m Rotary Kiln                                Dia.4.6x13.5m Cement Mill (3sets)
89 Turkey Turkey Kupina Group Corporation  Ball MillDia.3.2x13m
 Separator O-SEPA N2000
 Belt Scale B1000x2000M
 Belt Scale B650x2000M
 Belt Scale B800x2000M
 Impact Crusher200
90   Venezuela Shanghai Yifa Corporation (venezuela) Dia.2.6x5.8m  Air Swept Coal Mill   
91   Venezuela Shanghai Shibang Corporation (venezuela) 200t/d Limestone Production Line
Dia.2.5x48m Rotary Kiln
92 Ukraine   Ukraine Ф2.6x13m for Grinding Plant
93 Ukraine   B.B.A Concrete Corporation Ф2.6x7m  Mill
94 Ukraine   CIMSA Compania   Vertical Kiln Dia.3.2x11m                         Ball Mill Dia.3x9m
95 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan SING LIDA (Zhejiang xinhua Valve Manufacturing Corporation)  Vertical Kiln Dia.3.8x12m
 Raw Mill Dia.2.4x8m
 Cement Mill Dia.2.4x13m
 Pre-water system Dia.4.2
 Double Rotor Separator
96  Singapore Carson Scientific Corporation Dia.2.5x44m Rotary Kiln
97 New Zealand New Zealand Ф2.4x8m Grinding plant
98 Deyang Collective River Science&Technology Co Ltd. Branch 200,000tpa pozzolana compound cement grinding plant
500,000tpa pozzolana compound cement grinding plant
99 Bagier (CMEC) Dia.4.0x60m Rotary Kiln
Dia.4.2x13m Cement Mill
Dia.3.2 Pre-water granulator
100 CNBM Dia.4.3x64m Rotary Kiln
102 MKCC (CNBM) Dia.4.6x14.5m Cement Mill
103 DCC (CNBM) Dia.4.6x14.5m Cement Mill
104 India India Cement Corporation Dia.3.8x12m  Cement Mill
105 India India Kamakshi Cement (P) Ltd 2.8x9m Raw mill system (including mill, separator, bag type dust collector and fan, etc. )
4.2x12.5m Vertical Kiln System (Including vertical kiln, blower and granulator )
3x12m Cement Mill system (including mill, bag type dust collector and fan)
106 India Rashmi Cement Corporation  Cement Mill Dia.3x12m
107 India India Keerthi Corporation 3.4x12  Mill
108 India Shanghai Electric (Group) Import & Export Corporation  Ball Mill Dia.3.8χ7.5m
109 India BMMISDAT Corporation  Ball Mill Dia.3.8x7.5m
110  Indonesia NBI  PT.NUSANTARA  BUILDING  INDUSTRIES  100,000tpa silica-sand grinding plant
111  Indonesia China National Chemical Construction Corporation (Indonesia S.NPK) Dia.4.3x33m Rotary Kiln                                 Dia.7.7x7.7m  Granulator
Dia.3.2x25m Cooler                                         Dia.3.0x8m Coater
112  Indonesia pt.avrayaserpong 30,000ton compound fertilizer project
113   Vietnam 519 Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
114   Vietnam HA NAM Industrial Lime Joint stock company  300t/d 300tpd active lime production line
115   Vietnam  x18 Cement Plant Dia.2.5x11m Rotary kiln Production Line
116   Vietnam China Chengdu International Techno-Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd (Yuenan Guangye Cement Plant)  Dia.3.5x11.5m Cement Mill
117   Vietnam (Sinoma Engineering Co., Ltd) Dia.4x60m Rotary Kiln                                  Dia.3.2x(7+2)m Air Swept Coal Mill
118   Vietnam Guangzhi Daye Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
119   Vietnam  Heping Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
120   Vietnam Sinoma (Yuenan Qingshan Cement Plant) Dia.4.0x60m Rotary Kiln                                 Dia.4.2x13m Cement Mill
Dia.3.2x(6.5+2)m Air Swept Coal Mill
121   Vietnam Liangshan Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
122   Vietnam Longshou Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
123   Vietnam Luoxuan Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
124   Vietnam Yushun Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
125   Vietnam Qinju Cement Plant Dia.2.2x7m Rotary Kiln Production Line
126   Vietnam Taiyuan Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
127   Vietnam xigong Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
128   Vietnam Yuehua Cement Plant Dia.3x11m Rotary Kiln Production Line
129   Vietnam  Vietnam 720 Plant Dia.2.2x7.5m Ball Mill (2sets)                             PCL750-4 Vertical Shaft Crusher
Dia.3.5m Separator                                      TH400 Bucket Elevator
Gx400 Screw Conveyor                TD75 Belt Conveyor
130   Vietnam Vietnam THANH SON Cement Corporation Dia.4x13m Cement Mill
Dia.3.2x(7+2)m Air Swept Coal Mill
131   Vietnam  Vietnam VINAFOR Cement Plant Dia.1.83x7m Cement Mill
132   Vietnam Vietnam x18 Cement Plant (Complete set of equipment for cement production line, installation & commissioning ) Dia.2.5x10m Vertical Kiln
Dia.2.2x6.5m Ball Mill (2pcs)
Dia.1.5x12m Dryer                                    PE400x600 Jaw Crusher
B800x11m Apron Feeder                       SZD/2-1600 Dust Collector
133   Vietnam Vietnam Chaishan Cement Plant  (Complete set of equipment for cement production line, installation & commissioning ) Dia.2.5x10m Vertical Kiln                                     Dia.1.5x12m Dryer
Dia.1.83x7m Ball Mill                                Dia.2.2x6.5m Ball Mill
BLT800x5.5m Dissepiment Machine  Dia.3.5m Separator
134   Vietnam  Vietnam Dianbian Cement Plant  Cement Mill Dia.3.8x13m
135   Vietnam Vietnam Guangzhi Cement Plant ( China Chengdu International Techno-Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd) 250,000tons grinding plant
Dia.3.5x11m Cement Mill
136   Vietnam 1000tpd cement produciton line for Vietnam Huanglong Cement Plant  Dia.3.2x50m Rotary Kiln
Dia.2.6x(5.25+2.25)m Air Swept Coal Mill  
Dia.3.8x13m Cement Mill                          Dia.3.8x8.6m Air Swept Raw Mill
137   Vietnam Vietnam Jialai Cement Plant Cement Mill Dia.1.83x7m                                   Pre-water granulator Dia.2.8
138   Vietnam Vietnam Kente Cement Plant Cement Mill Dia.1.83x8m  TH Bucket elevator  TD75 Belt Conveyor
139   Vietnam  Vietnam Liangshan Cement Plant  (Complete set of equipment for cement production line, installation & commissioning ) Dia.3x11m Vertical Kiln     
Dia.2.2x7.0m (2台) Ball Mill (2sets)
Dia.3.2 Pre-water granulator                           B800x11m Apron Feeder
Dia.1.5x12m Dryer                                     PE400x600 Jaw Crusher
140   Vietnam Vietnam Ningping  Dia.5x74m Rotary Kiln
141   Vietnam 4th Corporation of Vietnam 4th Military Region  (Complete set of equipment for cement production line, installation & commissioning ) Dia.3x11m  Vertical Kiln                             Dia.3.2 Pre-water granulator   
Dia.2.2x7.0m Ball Mill (2sets)                        PGD-650 Electric Belt Scale
142   Vietnam Vietnam Tongpeng Cement Corporation (Suzhou Sinoma) Dia.4.2x13m Cement Mill
143   Vietnam  Vietnam xiangang Cement Plant  Dia.2.2x7.5m Cement Mill (complete equipments for grinding plant)
144   Vietnam Vietnam xinguang Cement Group Co., Ltd (China National Heavy Machinery Corporation) Dia.4x60m Rotary Kiln、                             Dia.4.2x13m Cement Mill
145   Vietnam Vietnam Yi'an  1500tpd cement production line
146   Vietnam Nanjing Institute of CNBM (Vietnam Kaisa Cement Plant) Dia.4x60m Rotary Kiln                               Dia.5x74m Rotary Kiln 
Dia.4.8x13.5m Raw Mill (2sets)
Dia.3.2x(6.5+2.5)m Air Swept Coal Mill
Dia.3.8x(7.75+3.5)m Air Swept Coal mill
Dia.4.2x12.5m Cement Mill (2sets)
Dia.4.0x13m Cement Mill
Dia.4.6x(9.5+3.5)m Middle-discharge mill
147  Vietnam CNBM (Vietnam Dianbian) Dia.3.8x13m Cement Mill
148  Vietnam  China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (Vietnam Shanluo Meishan)  Dia.4.0x60m Rotary Kiln  Dia.4.2x13m Cement Mill
Dia.3.2x(6.5+2)m Air Swept Coal Mill
149  Vietnam CATIC BEIJING CO.,LTD  (Vietnam Lushi Cement Plant) Dia.3.5x54m Rotary Kiln
Dia.3.2x13m Cement Mill 
Dia.2.6x(5.5+2.5)m Air Swept Coal Mill
150  Vietnam  1st line of Yuanhe Cement Plant ( Hefei Cement Design & Research Institute) Dia.3.5x54m Rotary Kiln
Dia.3.4x13m Cement Mill Dia.2.6x(5.25+2.25) Air Swept Coal Mill
151  Vietnam 2nd line of Yuanhe Cement Plant ( Hefei Cement Design & Research Institute) Dia.4.2x13m Cement Mill (2sets)
Dia.3.8x(7.75+3.5)m Air Swept Coal Mill
152  Vietnam Heping Cement Plant ( Hefei Cement Design & Research Institute) Dia.3.5x54m  Rotary Kiln                                 Dia.3.4x13m Cement Mill
Dia.2.6x(5.25+2.25)m Coal Mill
153  Vietnam  Vietnam Ha nam Lime Industry Corporation  Complete equipments for 300tpd lime production line
Dia.3.2x50m rotary kiln
KVS6 preheater
KVS cooler
Dia.1.7x3.5m Air swept Coal Mill
154   Taizhou Huarong Ф3.8x13m Cement Mill (1set)
155   AIRCRETE TECHNOLOGY B.V. Ball MillDia.2.6x7m
156   AMRIT CEMENT IND.LTD,INDEA(ACIL) Rotary Kiln                                                Raw Mill                                                  Cement Mill
Grate Cooler                                                  Air Swept Coal Mill
 Separator ANx6                                     Separator ANx7                                         Separator ANx8
157   ASKALE CIMENTO SANAYIT.A.S. Mill Dia.4.2x14.5m
158   BUYER'S SIGNATURE Mill Dia.3x9m
160   COMPANY "BVSHOLDINGS" LTD Slag Mill Dia.2.6x13m                                      Auxiliary Equipments
161   EQUIPMENT LIST FOR BOTZWANA GRINDING PLA  Dia.3x11m  for Grinding Plant
162   GoraKhkali Cement Udhyog Pvt Ltd  Raw MillDia.2.4x8m
163   Hipemix Brasil Servicos ole concretagem ltd  Vertical Kiln Dia.3.2x11m                                  Ball MillDia.3x9m
164   Hong long cement joint stock motor-5925
165   HRC HOLDLNGS LIMITED Cement Grinding System Dia.2.4x8m (1set)
Auxiliary Equipment (1set)
167   Kamakshi Cements(P)Ltd Vertical Kiln System   Raw Mill system
168   KARCEMENT JSC Kiln Shell 6.4x2.4x36m
Kiln Shell 6.4x2.2x60m
Kiln Shell 6.4x2.4x36m
Kiln Shell 6.4x2.8x90m
169   KUMERA(CHINA)CO.,LTD Shell with ring
170   LIST OF PROCESSING MACHINER&MATERIAL 500tpd cement production line
171   Tianjin LVT Public Company Limited Cement Mill
172   MARUTI CEMENTS LTD.NEPAL Raw Mill Dia.3x9m                                    Cement Mill Dia.3x10m
173   NIGALE CEMENT(P)LTD(尼泊尔Nepal) 300tpd Cement Production Line
174   Premier Cement Mill Dia.4x13m
175   PT.SRI REJEKI FERTILIZER 30,000ton production Line
176   PT.TIMAS SUPLINDO Granulator Dia.2.4x10m
Dryer Dia.3x30m
Dryer Dia.2.8x28m
Cooler Dia.3x30m
Coater Dia.1.6x6m
177   Royal E1 Menya Cement Plant Rotary Kiln Dia.3.5x57m
Slag Mill Dia.2.4x9m
Cement Mill Dia.3.2x13m
178   Saboo Engineers Cement Mill Dia.3.2x13m
179   Saboo India (P)Ltd Rotary Kiln Dia.3.3x50m
Raw Mill Dia.3.5x10m
Grate Cooler & Fan SCQ838
Air Swept Coal Mill Dia.2.4x6+1.5m
180   SARDAENERGY&MINERALSLIMITED Pinion of mill   Screw cyclone of mill
181   Sintek Madencilik Cement Mill Dia.2.4x7m
182   Spectrum Light BlockL.L.C Spare Parts
183   Andinuo Cement Corporation Rotary Kiln Dia.4x60m
184   Hefei Cement Design & Research Institute (Taiwan Shimin Company) Dia.3.6x50m Rotary Kiln
185   Jialai Cement Plant Dia.2.5x11m Rotary kiln Production Line
186   Kunming Light Industry Company Ltd Raw Material Cooler Dia.3.5x9.5m
187   Romania IMCORP Project Dia.3.2x13m Cement Mill
188   Zhongya Cement Corporation  Dia.6.4x2.8m Kiln Shell 

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