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Rotary kiln operation instructions(2)

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1.Kiln shell part
The kiln shell is the rotary kiln torso, which is made up the steel plate volume and welding. The kiln body should be sloping installed on the several pair supporting rollers. There is loaded thermophilic and wear resistant the kiln mouth guard plate in the kiln body low end and the composition sleeve space, and is equipped with the special-purpose air blower to carry on cooling the kiln mouthpart. There are the several pieces rectangular tires along the kiln body length direction, it withstands the rotary partial weights, such as kiln body, kiln liner, material and so on, and passes its weight to the supporting unit. There is used the fluctuation backing strip under the tire, may act according to revolving gap to carry on the adjustment or the replacement, so that obtains the best gap. The backing strip can increase kiln body rigidity, and can avoids because of tire and the kiln body has the circumference direction to skid relatively but cause the kiln body to be suffered wearing and reduce the tire inside and outside superficial temperature difference role.
2. Girth gear device
There is fixedly gear rim approaching the kiln body rear part by to transmit the torque. The gear rim through the festival to the spring plate and the kiln body joint, this kind can cause the gear rim to be hanging on the kiln body joint structure, which can cause to have the enough radiation space, where the gear rim and between the kiln body, and can reduce the kiln body bending strain and so on to mesh the precision influence, but can also get up the certain absorption of shock cushioning effect, is advantageous in lengthens the life of the kiln liner. Sees the chart 2-3 girth gear unit diagram of mechanism.
2.3 Transmission device
2.3.1 Transmissions patterns:
a) Single transmission: The transmission system should be by a main driving motor impetus, sees the chart 2-4 rotary kiln transmission arrangement schematic drawing (a).
Main transmission system is composed by the main motor, the main reducer, the pinion and so on, at the same time used the combination elasticity retainer to enhance the transmission stability. The main motor rear part has the speed-voltage generator for to demonstrate the kiln speed measuring appliance supplying the power. 
In order to guarantee when main power is shut off, still could kiln jacking operation and prevents the kiln shell curving shape, so that kiln jacking for the overhaul. Was equipped with the auxiliary driving device: It is composed by the motor, the reducer and so on. On the servomotor has the brake, prevented the kiln to reverse after the motor stopping, under the material and the kiln coating weight function. 
Between the auxiliary reducer slow speed shaft of and high speed shaft of the main reducer, where is equipped the skewed tooth coupling. Between the coupling and the main motor. Where has machinery-electricity interlocking device to be possible to prevent the coupling has not withdrawn when starts the main motor.
b) Double transmission: The transmission system should be two main driving motors impetus, sees the chart 2-4 rotary kiln transmission arrangement schematic drawing (b), two sets transmission synchronization is realized through adjustment electrical equipment, thus guaranteed two systems stress are even. From the machinery has used the arrangement, which two pinions and girth gear meshes instantaneous staggered 1/2 circular pitch.
2.3.2 Motor
Excepting the small type rotary kiln may select the Z2 series small type direct current motor, others must select the rotary kiln special-purpose ZSN4- direct current motor, this motor is on the Z4 series motor foundation, according to cement kiln driving mode characteristic makes the special-purpose production. (Or use frequency conversion electrical motor, frequency changer by the user supplies for oneself).
2.3.3 Reducer
The reducer selects the hard tooth face reduction generally, its technological advance, the volume small, the weight is light.
2.3.4 Combinations flexible coupling
Between the pinion device and the main reducer uses the combination flexible coupling, its elasticity is good, can absorb part of impacts, and can compensate the big radial deviation and the axial expansion and contraction.
2.4 Supporting units
2.4.1 The supporting unit are the rotary kiln important constituents, they are withstanding the kiln body complete weight, and have the localization function to kiln shell, enables its safely steadily to carry on the revolution. The supporting units are composed by the supporting roller bearing group and the welding base and so on.
2.4.2 The supporting roller bearing group are composed by the supporting roller, supporting roller shaft, the bush, the spherical surface bush; the bearing seat and so on. Sees the chart 2-5 the supporting roller bearing group diagram. Supporting roller and supporting roller shaft should be used the full coordination. The brush lower part has making the raised spherical surface bush. The spherical surface is on the concave spherical surface bearing foundation. The spherical surface should be adjusting the position function. The bush is supplied with oil pack up for the lubrication. and passes the cooling water in the spherical surface bush to carry on cooling.
 Each main bearing is loaded with two electric heaters, a thermal resistance. The thermal resistance controls the movement for the electric heater, and can examine the oil temperature. (The winter lowest temperature is higher than 5 ℃ areas to be possible not to install electric heater). In some specification bearing groups also other is loaded with a direct examination bearing temperature the thermo-element.
2.5 Thrust roller unit
According to thrust roller stress situation and the mechanism, its design has the mechanical signal thrust roller and the hydraulic thrust roller two kinds:
a) The mechanical signal thrust roller is mainly composed by the thrust roller, the bush, the support roller seat, support, lead screw and so on. Sees the chart 2-6 mechanical signal thrust roller unit diagram. The thrust roller is pair installed at two sides of the girth gear neighbor tire, examines the direction which the kiln shell moves, and are partial to the limit kiln shell axes to the function which flees movement;
b) The hydraulic thrust roller unit is composed by the thrust roller the thrust shaft, the bearing body, the guidance axis, the rolling bearing, the limit switch unit of the thrust and so on. Sees the chart 2-7 hydraulic thrust roller unit diagram. The thrust roller is depended on the girth gear neighbor tire down side. through the hydraulic thrust roller compels the tire and kiln shell together to move back according to the certain speed and the travel along, the kiln central line direction on the supporting roller, causes the tire and supporting roller on the overall wide, could be uniform wear, so that lengthens the service life.
2.6 kiln head-sealing device
The kiln head sealing device is one of two kinds sealing device which SM type (graphite stack type) and GP type (steel disk type) kiln sealing device: