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Rotary kiln operation instructions(3)

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a) SM type kiln head sealing is the graphite stack radial direction contact type + labyrinth combination seal form. The graphite stack for kiln shell circumference should be contracted by the steelyard weight through the steel wire rope, causes it to closely contact with kiln shell. The steel wire rope contracts the graphite stack, which is divided into up divided into up and down two parts, because the graphite stack dead weight influence the contracting strength size, weight of two parts steelyard weights are different. Moreover because the steel wire rope soft performance can automatic compensation beating when the kiln shell revolves and the graphite stack attrition. Sees the chart 2-8 SM type kiln head sealing device diagram.
b) The labyrinth seal is the radial direction labyrinth type seal. Its structure is composed of fixed on the ash hopper that the static labyrinth trough and the pine set on the forced-air cooling skidding the friction disk. Skidding friction disk is connected with the forced-air cooling set through, the therefore key, there fore skidding friction disk on the one hand to pass the feather key and is having the rotation by the kiln shell; on the other hand may along the kiln center line the shuttle. Thus, when the kiln shell downward moving, the skidding friction disk should be continuously near the static labyrinth trough low end surface to revolve; When the kiln shell up moving, then it should be continuously near the high end surface to revolve. There is this kiln a radial direction labyrinth type seal, not only may strengthen the seal effect, moreover also may prevent that cannot paste the tight phenomenon of which in the kiln head appears the positive pressure but to spray the clinker fine-grain possibly to guide the graphite stack seal should be caught. In order to prevent in the labyrinth trough accumulates the clinker fine-grain, but in its lower part opens has the dump mouth;
1.Sealing steel shim 2.Cone cylinder 3.Connecting sleeve 4.Forced-air cooling wrap
5.Steel wire 6.Clmp 7.Pulley frame 8.Weight 9. Ash hopper top cover

Figure 2-9    GP type kiln head packing unit diagram

b) GP type kiln seal is the steel disk radial direction contact type seal form. Its structure is composed of sealing steel disk, the awl tube and the steelyard weight system. Sees the chart 2-9 GP type kiln head sealing unit diagram. An end of the sealing disk is connected with the awl tube,  another end and is contacted tightly with kiln head forced-air cooling set. It composes a seal flexible rope in the kiln shell circumference by the steelyard weight achieves the good seal effect. In order to prevent the accumulating clinker fine-grain in the labyrinth trough, but in its lower part is equipped with the ash hopper.
2.7 kiln rear sealing unit
a) QD type kiln rear seal is the air cylinder pressuring tight end surface contracting type seal form. Sees the chart 2-10 QD kiln rear sealing unit diagram.